Full Body Massage and Spa in Bandra West, Mumbai



At our Ayurveda and Massage Center in Bandra, we offer both Ayurveda and Aromatherapy massages and treatments conducted by highly trained therapists. We balance your energies through the stimulation of vital pressure points to release tight muscles, blocked energy and nourish your mind, body, and soul, supporting your holistic health and wellbeing.

Our treatments include both Ayurveda and Aromatherapy full body massages, Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments such as detoxification and rejuvenation treatments and Acupressure. We also offer massage courses at our Ayurveda and Massage Center in Bandra, Mumbai.

Benefits of Full Body Aromatherapy Massage



Pain and Stiffness Relief

A full body massage can relieve pain and stiffness in the body. Massage also helps reduce stress, muscle spasms, tightness, and pain. A full body massage helps sore muscles after a hard workout.

Increased Circulation

Massage increase blood circulation by assisting oxygen and nutrients reach muscle tissues and organs. A regular full body massage also helps reduce blood pressure through the reduction of stress.

Stress Release & Increased Immunity

A full body massage helps increase your immunity. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which supports the immune system's ability to protect the body. Also, stress reduction ensures a healthy body.

Benefits of Full Body Ayurveda Massage



Ayurveda massages have innumerable health benefits. The practice of full-body oil massage is known as Abhyanga. Similar to the experience of being loved, the practice nourishes the body, reinstates the balance of doshas and improves one’s well-being and longevity.

1. Eliminates body impurities and helps in reducing weight.

The medicated oils in Abhyanga massage rids the full body of all its impurities and toxins.Udhvartanam massages help in weight loss without any side effects. In Ayurveda, excess body weight is considered as body imbalance.

2. Calms nerves and promotes deeper and better sleep.

The sensation of Abhyanga is deeply nourishing to your brain, nervous system, mind, soul, skin and joints. This full body massage replaces your anxieties with a sense of calmness and contentment. The oils used in this Ayurveda massage are warm,calming, and grounding. Ayurveda full body massages will help you fall asleep and stay asleep all night long.

3. Softens and smoothens skin reduces effects of ageing.

The Ayurvedic full-body massage increases the skin's natural vibrant beauty helping skin to adopt the aging process more gracefully and reduce wrinkles. A full body exfoliation massage helps remove dead skin cells for improved skin tone. Ayurveda massages, in particular, help body exfoliation, and deep moisturizing.

4. Improves blood circulation and stimulates internal organs.

Abhyangam stimulates blood circulation encouraging quick removal of metabolic wastes and increases energy and stamina. Abhyanga stimulates and nourishes internal organs. This full body massage also revitalizes and energizes the cells of the body. The warm medicated oils used in the Ayurveda full body massages deeply penetrate cells and release physical, and mental toxins from your body, hence detoxifying your body from head to toe. At the Yogacara Ayurveda and Massage Center in Bandra,

oils, herbs, and massages are carefully chosen and customized to suit your body type to enable healing, maximum health, and vitality.

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