Challenge to Opportunity - CO101

Pre-requisite - SM101

Led by Abhishek Shukla



Challenges are an inherent part of life. Even the most successful people have had to overcome challenges, but what has made them successful people today is their ability to stay on track, overcome adversity, and turn challenges into opportunities for their growth. You can do the same.

Mental afflictions lead to a disturbance in mind, significantly impacting your overall wellbeing, and cause erroneous thinking that leads to erroneous actions and choices. These afflictions cause havoc in our minds and emotions and prevent us from seeing and experiencing reality for what it is. They cause painful emotions and a dull mind, impacting our ability to live life with clarity and fullness.

Our ability to overcome these afflictions is essential if we are to turn a challenge into an opportunity. Further, we must train the mind to develop its capacity for right thinking. Your thoughts impact your emotions, which in turn affect your emotions, your choices and actions, and the quality of your life experiences. We learn how to practice non-reactivity, retain our balance, and move toward a much more centered way of being.

In this level 1 webinar, you will learn important information that impacts your mind and that can lead to distorted thinking. You will become more aware of erroneous thinking and understand how to train your mind to thnk thoughts that will support your overall wellbeing. You will actively participate in experiential learning and through inquiry and live discussion, as you learn from the entire group.


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