Corporate Wellness Programs

Employees are the building blocks of every business and the key to a company’s success.

  The Yogacara corporate wellness programs are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee well-being by creating an organizational culture of optimal health and wellness. We offer wellness solutions that extend beyond traditional wellness programs and improve physical, mental and emotional health, increase work/life balance, the ability to handle stress and challenges, increase team cooperation, focus, productivity, and optimize human resource investments while boosting employee morale and engagement.

"One of the biggest challenges leadership faces today is the ability to manage 100's of complex human minds and inspire individual's to deliver their best. If Employees are not experiencing optimal mental, emotional and physical health, this is not possible", says Radhika Vachani, Founder & MD, Yogacara Healing Arts.

Employees spend a large amount of time at work, the nature and environment of which has become extremely demanding and stressful. Employee wellness is a dire need in the workplace and the sooner Companies recognize and addresses this, the easier it will be for them to remain innovative, grow and retain key employees.


  • Employers can influence behaviour, physical and mental health, by providing a supportive and health conscious environment.
  • Regular support and training on stress management, healthy eating & physical activity, can keep your employees happy and healthy.
  • It increases loyalty, reduces attrition, and enhances the overall health and wellness of the organization.
  • Corporate Wellness boosts employee morale, productivity, and good decision making.
  • Employees will go that extra mile for you and stay loyal when they know you care.
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Our Corporate Wellness programs are run by Radhika Vachani, the founder of Yogacara and the author of "Just Breathe". Radhika conducts talks and workshops on Stress Management, Achieving Optimal Wellbeing, and also on the Mind Potential. She also plays an advisory role in Health & Wellness for corporates. Clients have included both top-level management and employees of companies such as HUL, Credit Suisse, Nike, UN, Canara Robeco, Aditya Birla, and more.

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Corporate Wellness Programs - Talks, Workshops, Health Check-ups

  • From a good to great leader-the inner journey
  • The importance of meditation and mind training
  • Managing stress, challenges, reducing mental clutter, and facilitating creative thinking.
  • Meditation and markets.
  • Responding versus reacting; taking a purposeful pause.
  • Improving focus, productivity and achieving your individual best.
  • Mindful communication and applications.
  • Team bonding and generating positivity.
  • Improving posture, spinal health, and general physical health.
  • Mindfulness meditations, breathing practices and postural awareness for optimal mental, emotional and physical health.
  • Annual Preventive Health Checkups - Pathology Partner, Metropolis India.

    i. On-site Health Camps & Blood Collections

    ii. Full Doctor Analysis & On-site Consultations

    iii. Health Risk Projection Reports

    iv. Lifestyle & Diet Evaluation

    v. Optimal Health & Wellness Solutions



Corporate wellness programs, talks and workshops are customised to fit with an organization’s particular objectives.

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