Fees & Packages



Consistent Practice is the Route to Transformation

1 Month Unlimited Rs. 6,500 /-  None
1 Month + 3 Massages Unlimited Rs. 10,000 /-  None
3 Month 

Your savings=Rs 3,500

Unlimited Rs. 16,000/-1 Week
Annual VIP Package

Best Value for Money

Rs 6,500 x 12 = Rs.78,000

Your savings=Rs 38,000.

Plus Perks Value=Rs 12,490

Unlimited Rs. 50,000/- This membership incl. 4 Awesome Massages - Free signed book copy of Just Breathe - Free Metropolis Advanced Pro Health Check Up - Invite Guests (x6) for Rs 300 only- One month membership freeze.
3 Month  10 Yoga Sessions Rs. 6,500/- None
1 Week  Unlimited Rs. 2,100 /-  None
1 Week + 2 Massages  Unlimited Rs. 5,000 /-  None
Drop In  Per Class Rs. 750/- N/A
15% Senior Citizen Discount. Trials - become a 3+ month yoga member the same day & receive 12% OFF your first membership. All prices include GST


Annual Membership
30 Rs 30,000/- 1 Year
Annual Treatment Package
20 Rs 30,000/- 1 Year
3 Day Treatments
3 Rs. 4,900/- 3 Days
10 Massage Package
10 Rs 16,900/- 6 Months
4 Massage Package
4 Rs 7,500/- 1 Month
7-Day Colonic Detox
7 Rs. 9,900/- 7 Days
Single Massages
1 Rs 2,500/ 60 Mins Session
Single Massages
1 Rs 3,600/- 90 Mins Session
Become a Massage Member for Rs. 1200 only, and enjoy 20% of all our single massages for an entire year. Share member benefits with your family & friends. Now, that's an awesome deal!

Engagement & Membership Terms

  • All memberships expire as per the duration of the package from the date of purchase. Unused memberships - massages or classes cannot be transferred to a new membership period, nor do we provide refunds, third party transfers, or membership extensions. All Ayurveda rejuvenation and detoxification packages expire 3 months from the date of purchase; massage and yoga packages expire as listed.
  • Yoga Memberships can be frozen as follows: 1 week & 1 Month (No Freeze), 3 Months (1 week), One Year (1 month), with a prior written request.
  • We close on all major public holidays and where possible we run a consolidated class schedule.
  • Cost of trial classes are Rs 500. However, if you become a one month plus member the same day, the class is free.
  • Yogacara is not dependent on any one teacher or therapist. When you become a member at Yogacara, you buy into a wellness experience - one of quality and consistency. Teachers, therapists, and staff come and go, but Yogacara remains strong and committed to your wellness experience, and to a high level of training and service within our organization.
  • Yogacara takes photos and videos of our members and community - be it yoga classes, retreats, TTC, community gatherings, or other events. We use this material for our social media, promotions, and advertising, and also to enhance user experience. If you do not wish to be a part of this initiative, please write to us at info@yogacara.in.
  • We look forward to your feedback on our services and to serving you with integrity and excellence.
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