Just Breath

How do we find peace, permanence, and certainty in a world that is, by its very nature, impermanent, uncertain and volatile?



The reality is that we experience our entire lives through our minds-all our experiences of pain and pleasure, satisfaction and dissatisfaction stem from right here. If we are to live more happy and fulfilling lives, then we must do what is needed to bring order to our minds, and make it a fit instrument with which to manoeuvre this world.  

The Just Breathe workshop is an experiential workshop that incorporates key concepts from Radhika's book. You will develop greater awareness of the functioning of your mind, while also experiencing simple, breathing and meditation techniques. These techniques, if practised daily, will significantly enhance your ability to be more present and mindful, and to deal with all of life’s circumstances more skillfully.

Taking the course is easy. Each session includes a short video that you can watch at your own pace, and includes guidelines for a daily practice. It is my recommedation that you leave atleast a few days gap, and no more than one week beteween each lesson. You should have a chance to build upon your practice, without losing momentum.

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