Self-Awareness & Mindfulness

Led by Radhika Vachani



In our ever-changing world, one of the most significant challenges individuals face is adapting to change and overcoming challenges and adversity. The inability to cope often leads to mental fatigue, burnout, unhealthy lifestyles, insomnia, and depression.

Being able to manage stress effectively, and to experience high levels of wellbeing is a learned art. We must become first become self-aware so that we can regulate our thoughts and emotions.

We then learn how to become more present through mindfulness, an ancient form of mind training that builds qualities such as mental stability, focus, tranquility, and mental clarity. Mindfulness has established itself, with research evidence, to show it can help symptoms linked to stress and is also the foundation to develop resilience.

In this live webinar, you will learn valuable information that impacts your inner wellbeing and how you perceive the world around you. You learn hot to become more mindful, and enhance your ability to practice non-reactivity, the first step towards building resilience. You will actively participate in experiential learning, and through inquiry and live discussion, you will also learn from the entire group.

Join us to learn how to overcome stress and develop greater personal wellbeing.


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