The Yogacara Institute

of Inner Health & Wellbeing


An institute of lifelong learning and personal development, founded on the core belief that inner awareness is the most powerful driver for change, expansion, and growth. It is this philosophy that drives us toward human wellness and excellence.

Join us to become part of an amazing community of online learners and inspiring teachers. Whether you are trying online classes for the first time or are looking for ways to strengthen your current habits and approaches, learning online is a unique and fantastic way to increase your knowledge and skills in a comfortable, hassel free environment, connecting to a audience of like-minded people from around the globe.

The rich culture, knowledge, and expertise that stems from the Yogacara Institute of Health & Wellbeing and its faculty form the backbone of everything that we do, ensuring continuity, excellence and depth of knowledge in education, training, and in the enhancement of human wellness and human excellence on a global scale.

Our Team

Learn from leading teachers who guide your transformation.  
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