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Congratulations on your decision to join the Yogacara Yoga Teacher Training Program - we look forward to an amazing journey of learning and growth.


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Which program are you interested in: Level One - 200 Hours Associate Level-150 Hours Yoga Diploma Yoga Internship

Please answer the following questions about your interest in Yoga in about 200 to 300 words.We recommend you write your answers on a word document and then paste into the questionnaire, so you can save your answers.


1. Please give us a brief history and description of your experience with Yoga.What does yoga mean to you? When did you start practicing yoga? How regular have you practiced in the past 3 years? What style of yoga do you practice? How has your practice changed over time? How has yoga influenced you as a human being?

2. Why have you decided to do this course? What do you hope to achieve from your Teacher Training, and what are your goals?

3. Why do you want to teach yoga?

B. MEDlCAL HISTORY information is kept Confidential)

Please list your medical history, past injuries physical disabilites,or any health issues(mental,emotional or physical) that could affect your participation in the training.if yes,please describe,Are you currently taking any medication ?

C. Please Let Us Know Where You Have Been Practicing Yoga - Name And Address Of Center

Mandatory: Please click here to read Code of Conduct at Yogacara Institute.

 I have fully read and agree to all the terms of participation as stated in the Code of Conduct on the link above. I agree to and confirm my participation in the teacher training program.

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