Yogacara Home Kitchen


We take the practice off the mat, and into our home kitchen, where we cook a variety of delicious, nutritious, fresh foods to help maintain a balanced mind and body.

Health and wellness are not about crazy fad diets, suppressing desires, and living life with guilt and fear. Optimal wellness is about learning how to enjoy life with fullness, having understood the art of moderation. The Yogacara Home Kitchen is about going back to basics, learning how to eat and live well, with clean, pure, and high-quality ingredients that nourish the mind, body, and human spirit.

The cafe is primarily vegetarian, but we do serve eggs. Food is served in our beautiful garden cafe, to the sound of the birds and wind chime, equipped with wi-fi. Join us for breakfast, lunch, and tea served through the day from 8 30 am to 5 pm from Monday to Saturday, or simply order from Swiggy.

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