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A Balanced Life is a Stress Free Life.  

Yogacara is a Wellness Center that focuses on stress free living. Our methodologies are based on the ancient holistic sciences that heal the mind, body and spirit, enabling us to live happy, harmonious and healthy amidst the challenges of the modern day world.

Stress Free Living is about consciously creating balance at a time where the simplicity of life and basic human needs are being challenged.  While modern day life allegedly signals progress, the state of global disarray, the extremes of stress and depletion of one’s physical, mental and emotional energies, and the growing rate of disease in the world today indicates a lack thereof, and can no longer be ignored. Stress is the number one killer in the world.  Despite significant developments in technology, time has become our most expensive commodity and our connections with our communities, our relationships, nature, our environment, and most importantly ourselves is becoming more and more fragmented. The time has come for change that can only begin with ourselves; learning to go back to basics and to re-establish valuable connections fundamental to a harmonious and vibrant existence.  

Yogacara offers a gamut of services that range from Hatha and Iyengar Yoga, ayurvedic healing and rejuvenation therapies, massages, and yoga teacher training programs through our Yoga Institute in Mumbai.  Yogacara is rated as the best and most effective Wellness and Yoga Center in Mumbai today, given our phenomenal successes working with our clients with general mind and body health, and also stress related disorders. Our client testimonials speak volumes of our methodologies used.

Yogacara simply means "one whose practice is Yoga", and refers to the science that balances the mind, body and spirit.

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